Welcome to the Genuine Imitation Art Gallery and Design Studio blog!

hello! my name is cassie and i’m half of the team that runs genuine imitation’s art gallery and design studio. welcome to our blog! the purpose of this blog is to give you information regarding our gallery, design studio and shop, plus personal opinions about the people and culture influencing and amusing us. leave a comment or e-mail me at gallery@genuineimitation.com and let us know what you think. we appreciate your feedback!

for our first blog entry i thought i’d share some photos of our new gallery. having spent the past five years in the everett station lofts, we decided strike into new territory last august and went looking for a new gallery space. we found a great space in the up and coming st. john’s neighborhood in portland, oregon.

here is what the space looked like when we got the keys:



now i know you’re thinking, how hard could it be to turn that lovely space into a gallery? i mean, you already have a great couch to start with!

we got to work brainstorming and came up with some ideas:



well, over the next few months, with a little creative vision and a whole lot of hard work, the space began to come together. in november we had our grand opening of the new space. here are some photos from that event:




now that we’re not painting the walls and laying a new floor down, we have time to get back to what we love, good art and design!

either this week or next we should be getting some new stuff for our shop. i’ll be back with an update as soon as it arrives.


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2 Responses to “Welcome to the Genuine Imitation Art Gallery and Design Studio blog!”

  1. krupky Says:

    we love you guys – can’t wait to see what you will do in 2008!

  2. NW Limited Says:

    Nice site, great job with the space.

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