kara burke


kara burke is one of the artists showing in our next show, lost + found, in two weeks.

from her bio:

“My young days were great. Riding mattresses down the staircase, constructing my very own pterodactyl costume out of green felt, getting to be the “block” in my elementary school’s christmas performance and of course being pulled in a sled in the middle of the summer (thank you Louie). It’s the small moments throughout life that really mean something big. Those are the memories that will always remain stuck.

I grew up in the suburban midwest, where the best pop is known as Vernors and the lakes really are great. I later moved east, to a small town just outside of Boston. By small, I mean tiny. Daily activities involved braking for wild turkeys, roller-skating on gravel and waiting for those very consistent snow days.

As soon as high-school ended, I decided to venture west, the bay area is what we like to call it. I received my BA & BFA in illustration from the University of San Francisco & California College of the Arts. This is where I stopped drawing from just real life and began creating images derived from my childhood. I admit it, some of them were dreams.

I find enjoyment in unveiling the simple moments in life. You could also say that this is my way of holding onto my youth. In that case, I don’t think I’ll ever age, I don’t think I’ll ever stop.”

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One Response to “kara burke”

  1. Happy Little Atom Says:

    Hi Cassie! I’m Kari, the pal ‘o Katrina. Nice blog. I have to say, I love tis gal’s work. So much, I’m going to try to sell some pieces and gather some money to buy something. Have you seen this guy’s work? I’m in love with Sleepyheads right now… and his work…

    Sleepyheads:  http://www.hellosleepyhead.com
    Atmostheory:  http://www.atmostheory.com

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