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cardboy sneakers, series one

January 19, 2008


we have another series in from Cardboy:

CardBoy Sneaker Series One
Blind Box

CardBoy is a unique mini figure that when opened, the packaging transforms into the head of the character. The design pays homage to classic sneaker boxes from the modern era. This series features eight characters, each one comes with accessories, and packaged in blind boxes, with one limited chase figure.

Details: All 8 figures wrapped in a 200% card sneakers figure.
Produced by: Playbeast.
Artist: Mark James
$79.99 set – 2 sets left!!



Ninjatown Micro Plush Characters!

January 10, 2008

ever wish you could have a Ninja with you everywhere you go? Well, now you can!


these arrived today and they are super cute!

this awesome series of miniature blind-box plush designed by Shawnimals is sure to bring style and class to your backpack, beltloop, cell phone or wherever else you can think to hang one on. twelve different Ninjatown characters including the elusive and scary Mr. Demon…


blind box packaging means that you purchase a sealed box and the contents are a surprise! each box contains one micro plush ninjatown character and a sticker. with each new box you discover which new character you get to add to your collection, $5.95 each.

m14098_lg1.jpg m14098_lg3.jpg

new products!

December 28, 2007

hello! we received some new products today that i’m excited to tell you about. the first are these sweet and whimsical stickers by FriendsWithYou for $1.50 each.


we also have a cool Cardboy series from Mark James: the Cardboy CMYK Cartridge Set!


you turn these cool little packages inside out to make the toy itself. the Cardboy Cartridges series features four characters – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. they’re certainly the cutest toner cartridges i’ve ever seen.


they arrive in this package, then you unfold them one by one and before you know it you have the whole gang!


they are $29.99 per set.